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Asset Cleaner


The Pleebie Jeebies Asset Cleaner is a simple way to clean up unused assets in a project.

The main functions of this asset are:

NOTE: Always backup your project before using a tool that deletes files.

Asset Files Hierarchy

All files are located under Assets/PleebieJeebies/AssetCleaner/

File hierarchy

Editor Folder

The Editor folder contains all the scripts required for the cleaner to work properly. You don’t need to do anything with these other than know they exist. Removing or changing these files may give undesired results.

Asset Cleaner Documentation

A PDF file documenting everything about the Pleebie Jeebies Asset Cleaner.

Default Scene

A scene created which doesn’t do anything. Simply a placeholder.


Cleaning Assets from Your Project

Step 1

There are multiple avenues to starting the Asset Cleaner:

Step 2

After the Asset Cleaner has indexed all the assets, a window with a list of all the scenes in the project will be displayed. Here is where demo scenes that are not part of the project can be deselected.

Scene List

Step 3

The unused assets in the project are displayed in a tree format. Any assets that are deselected will be retained when a delete is executed. Clicking DELETE SELECTED will delete all of the selected assets and clean up any empty folders that result from deleting the assets.

Unused Assets

Asset Cleaner Settings

Cleaner Settings


No Warning on Launch – Enable this to have no warning to back up the project each time the Asset Cleaner is launched

Delete Empty Folders – Enable this to have empty folders removed after an asset clean

Exclude Scripts – Enable this to exclude scripts when cleaning assets

Exclude Materials – Enable this to exclude materials when cleaning assets

Exclude ScriptableObjects – Enable this to exclude ScriptableObjects when cleaning assets

Exclude Documents – Enable this to exclude the document file types that are defined in the Document File Extensions list when cleaning assets

Exclude Other Files – Enable this to exclude the other file types that are defined in the Other File Extensions list when cleaning assets

Advanced Console Output

Each stage of the Asset Cleaner has the option to enable advanced console output for debugging purposes. Advanced Console Output also requires that the Console Output option is enabled in the Editor Menu.

Console Output

Excluded Folders

Use the Excluded Folders panel in settings to exclude folders from the Asset Cleaner.

Excluding Folders

If you are experiencing any issues, contact our support team at:

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